31 July 2015

Oracle SOA Suite 12c Webinar Series now available to watch on YouTube

Oracle SOA Suite 12c – What you Need to Know

Oracle SOA Suite 12c has changed many of the components of SOA Suite, and introduced some completely new ones. This webinar, delivered by our SOA expert Matt Brasier, will take a look at Oracle SOA Suite 12c, focusing on the new and changed features and which of these really matter for a new or existing SOA infrastructure.

Planning your Oracle SOA Suite 12c Upgrade

When kicking off your project to upgrade to SOA Suite 12c, there are certain things that you need to take into account. This webinar will provide advice on how to go about that planning process, looking at technical aspects like which components need upgrading and what components of your application may need to change. It is also worth considering whether you want your upgrade to take advantage of any of the new features of SOA Suite 12c, or whether you just do the minimum work necessary to get your SOA infrastructure working on 12c.

So You Have Upgraded to Oracle SOA Suite 12c - What Next?

This webinar will look at the post upgrade tasks that should be considered following your successful upgrade to Oracle SOA Suite 12c. While getting the system running on the upgraded software is the most obvious part of any upgrade project, once the upgrade is complete there are a number of tasks and processes that should be considered in order to get the most benefit out of the upgrade. Changes to how SOA Suite works or is used can have impacts and routine maintenance tasks like patches, upgrades or purging, and decisions need to be made about how the new features can be used‎

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21 July 2015

Customer Story: Oracle SOA Suite Failing FTP Archive Following Upgrade

Oracle SOA Suite Versions
  • Product Name: Oracle SOA Suite
  • Product Version:

Goal / Symptoms

Following the upgrade of SOA Suite from version to we noticed that files were not being archived on the remote server as expected.
  •   Expected Functionality:
Certain composites within the domain read files from a remote FTP Server and process them accordingly. Upon receipt (ftp get) of the file, the composite simultaneously archives the file into a specified folder on the remote server.

  • Issue Severity:
  1. The archived file is critical to the business as functional activities such as account/invoice reconciliations are based upon the archived files.
  2. The composite flow after receipt of the FTP file may fail and so therefore, the file may have to be reprocessed. Therefore, the archive file must be present for every input file received via the FTP server. 
  3. Once the file is polled it is deleted from the polling folder.


In case of any archiving failures SOA Suite by default will archive files within the folder below:
  • <SOA_DOMAIN_HOME>/fileftp/defaultArchive
  •  Example: /u01/app/oracle/admin/soadomain/mserver/gat_domain/fileftp/defaultArchive


Upon investigation it became apparent that a particular JCA Binding property had not been set for the FTP adapters and therefore the files were not being archived within the specified folder. Although, still unsure as to how archiving was working pre-upgrade.

In order to archive files on the remote server the ‘UseRemoteArchive’ JCA binding property needs to be set to true within the FTP adapter. This property notifies the Oracle FTP Adapter that the archival directory is on the same FTP server. If this is not set then the Oracle FTP Adapter will search the archive directory on the local (SOA Suite) file system. We noticed that this property was not set within the composite FTP adapter properties.

Also, it is worth checking the LogicalArchiveDirectory or PhysicalArchiveDirectory (whichever one is set) exists on the remote FTP server and that the folders have write permission enabled.

Fix / Solution

Seeing as this was an issue affecting Live Production system, we had to implement a solution that would have minimal runtime impact. There are 2 options to set the property:

A.     via EM Console
B.     via System MBean Browser
C.     via deployment (JCA properties file)

We decided to go with option A as there would be no runtime/downtime in order to implement the fix as well as being the most user-friendly (seeing as the fix had to be implemented by another team).

It’s important to note that these steps would have to be carried out every time the composite is deployed and so for the long term it would be better to edit the FTP properties within the JCA adapter property file.

The steps below summarise the fix that was applied successfully:

1. Log onto EM Console.

2. Select Composite:

3. Scroll down to Services and References (right-hand side panel).

4. Select the FTP Adapter service:

5. Click on Properties Tab:

6. Add the ‘UserRemoteArchive’ JCA adapter property:

7. Set the ‘UserRemoteArchive’ property to ‘true’ and click Apply.

8. A server restart is not required.

References : JCA Properties Specific to Oracle FTP Adapter

Irfan Suleman
Senior Middleware Consultant

8 July 2015

MIDDLEWARE INSIGHT - C2B2 Newsletter Issue 22

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Dominika Tasarz
Marketing Manager, C2B2 Consulting

Oracle SOA Suite 12c Upgrade Webinar Series - now available on demand
Oracle SOA Suite 12c has changed many of the components of SOA Suite and introduced some completely new ones. This webinar series, delivered by the Oracle SOA Suite experts Matt Brasier and Andy Overton, will take a look at Oracle SOA Suite 12c, focusing on the new and changed features and which of these really matter for a new or existing SOA infrastructure.

Watch the webinars here